Health Psychology

Clinical health psychology recognises the relationship between physical, emotional and social well-being. Clinical health psychologists work with thier clients to understand the impact of thoughts, feelings and behaviour on their health problems to alleviate distress and promote a sense of control.

Experiencing ill health is often a stressful and difficult time for the patient and their family. If the health problem is long term (chronic) it can affect self-esteem, mood, social relationships and confidence.  Working within the cognitve behavioural therapy model and drawing on principles of mindfulness, I support patients in developing coping strategies to reduce distress, improve emotional well-being and promote better quality of life.

I have experience of working with patients with a wide range of health problems, including chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS),  cardiac problems, and weight issues.

I also work with people whose quality of life is undermined by unhelpful behaviours (such as compulsive shopping or emotional eating) or high levels of  health anxiety. 

I also offer assessment of patients’ ability to understand and cope with  certain elective (non-emergency) medical procedures, such as cosmetic surgery and  bariatric (weight loss) surgery.