Info for Health Professionals

I am a Consultant Clinical & Health Psychologist working across Brighton, Sussex and the South East. Having trained at University College London I have over 24 years experience working with people with a range of emotional and physical health problems.

I am able to offer specialist psychological assessment and therapy for adults experiencing emotional difficulties, or chronic/complex physical health problems that impact on their emotional wellbeing. Within the NHS, I’ve worked with patients with chronic pain, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, cancer, palliative care, cardiac problems and obesity.  I also work with people who experience excessive anxiety about their health.  

You can make a referral by telephoneletter or email or your patient can contact me directly. I am able to see patients in my clinic at the Brighton Consulting Rooms or, in certain circumstances, can make visits to the patient’s home.

I am happy to take referrals for:

* Depression

* Trauma (EMDR)

* Anxiety (panic anxiety, excessive worry, phobias)

* Health anxiety

* Stress

* Adjustment issues

* Self-esteem and confidence issues

* Coping with chronic health conditions

* Emotional eating, binge eating disorder and obesity

* Bariatric psychology (psychological assessment, preparation and post-surgery support)

* Compulsive behaviours.